Burning in hell
this piece of me fits in nowhere
as other people find things
to do
with their time
places to go
with one another
things to say
to each other.

I am
burning in hell
some place north of Mexico.
flowers don’t grow here.

I am not like
other people
other people are like
other people.

they are all alike:
they are both
gleeful and content
and i am
burning in hell.

my heart is a thousand years old
I am not like
other people.
I’d die on their picnic grounds
smothered by their flags
slugged by their songs
unloved by their soldiers
gored by their humor
murdered by their concern.

I am not like
other people.
I am
burning in hell.

the hell of

- Charles Bukowski

As a friend described me to a potential guy he'd set me up with: I'm a feminist, an asshole and sassy.
Second generation American, first generation high school graduate, studying at CalPolyPomona.
So yeah. Mostly feminist issues, political stuff. LoK, AtLA, Homestuck, Sherlock, shitty personal posts, poetry and music.
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